Spiritual Journey Votives are a delightful way to draw your heart’s desires into your Spiritual space. Our spirits are seeking those things which are our personal paths to inner peace, fulfilled pleasures and heightened Spiritual awareness.

Happiness is our deepest desire. Spiritual Journey Votives will help us focus and perhaps draw our deepest needs and desires to our spiritual space.

The soul knows what the journey is, and where it will lead us. The Journey votives provide a beautiful focused experience that draws all the positives to us. Stones are arranged to enhance the experience of fulfillment and awareness.

The precious and semi-precious stones arrangments on the votives have combined spiritual focus that is powerful. What you need as well as what you desire is in one delightful and powerful location.

Express your desires: Light the votive and allow your spiritual journey to be enhanced and be fulfilled.

The journey votives are specific to the desires of the customer and are an impressive piece of hand-crafted artwork. The journey votives are artfully hand-crafted for each individual and make a unique gift. No two are alike.

Life is a journey. Make it a positive experience!

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